Bryan Law; Design
New York, NY;

London, UK

︎ Emo Gym, Inti Gym (2022)

Collaborative Project

Contributed to the concept design and 3D modeling for Inti Gym, a collaboration with Michele Chu. The site specific installation deals with the concept of human intimacy and interaction - inti gym is short for intimacy gym. The installation aims to bring together strangers in fostering deep emotional connections with the self and with others. The scientifically supported design that employs a series of tried and tested intimacy enablers and environmental theories surrounding conviviality.

In this exhibition, the work takes the form of a one-on-one interaction station, inviting pairs of strangers to connect through audio-guided choreography in refreshing ways. Upon putting on the earphones and entering via different entrances, each visitor passes through an increasingly opaque and intimate tunnel, eventually converging to meet another stranger in the centre. Visitors are then guided through a choreography of senses- to touch through a physical barrier, ask each other questions with conversational prompts, and maintain a set period of eye contact before leaving the space separately.

Previously on display at Tai Kwun Contemporary. Below is a brief glimpse into the design process.

📔 of Forms Process: a Study 📚