Bryan Law; Design
New York, NY;

London, UK

︎ Styro-Resin Chairs (2019)

Reassessing how home objects and furniture should look and feel, the designs seen here experiment with themes of bio-organic aesthetics and component based furniture. The objects’ material and subsequent materiality were points of consideration - what forms are able to be achieved through different combinations of materials like resin coated styrofoam? Simulations were performed in order to inform the designs of the furniture while simultaneously quantifying their load bearing capabilities. The organization and composition of material density in each object was also dictated through simulation. This approach determined which portions of the design required the most structural integrity in order to support a certain amount of weight. At a smaller scale, the organization and composition of the home objects were created through a particle simulation, mimicking particle swarming and populating behavior - achieving a sort of randomness that is seen throughout the designs.

Work was done at The Bartlett.