Bryan Law; Design
New York, NY;

London, UK

︎ iPartners Homepage (2021)

Web Design, Content Strategy, Branding


UI Design Lead


3 Week Design Sprint


As a team of 3 UX designers and researchers, we set out to redesign the iPartners homepage and propose a new visual identity for the brand. Through the redesign we also reorganized the content on the website, through user research and testing, we created a new system of organizing content to for easier and more efficient browsing.


User Research Lead: Belinda Chua
UI/UX Design + Marketing Lead: Jane Pham


Figma, Miro, Asana


UI/UX Design, Branding, Market + User Research, User Testing, Content Strategy 


iPartners came to us with the main goal of growing the number of investors on the platform. Currently, a large majority of existing users were recruited from within the iPartners personal network. To reach outside this network, our client believed the best way would be to build greater trust in the iPartners brand through the website, as this is one of the most frequent preliminary touchpoints of users just being exposed to the brand.


iPartners is one of Australia’s leading alternative asset investment platforms, offering powerful tech for investors to search, browse, and invest in one place. The typical iPartners client are wholesale investors, high net worth individuals.